RPA at the Heart of a Telecommunication Carrier Ecosystem

Telecommunications are a central aspect of our daily life. We are connected to each other all the time and it’s thanks to our devices. Communication service providers are struggling with tremendous volumes of operational processes such as increasing business agility, managing data, improving business efficiency, controlling costs, and developing new models/services.

There are numerous business processes in the telecommunication carrier ecosystem that are highly manual, repetitive, and rule-based such as service assurance, service fulfillment, revenue management, billing, and so on. These repetitive processes prevent communication service providers from focusing on more value-added tasks and their customers, making them suffer from low productivity, high overhead expenses, and an enhanced risk of errors.

Highly manual tasks require constant human intervention that taking up employees’ quality time thus reduces work productivity and enhances the risk of errors. This increases the operating cost spent on maintaining data security, managing a high volume of data, hardware and software costs, employee wages, and so on. Therefore, it raises a serious challenge for telecommunication service providers in managing high overhead expenses.

Therefore, communication service providers are having a fertile ground for the process automation using RPA. In this blog, we will give you a few examples of the use cases RPA has in telecommunications.

Query Processing


First Call Resolution

Customer Onboarding / Offboarding

Price Tracking

Scalability & Improved Efficiency

In Summary

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